Latex Beds | Top 10 Reasons To Buy Latex Beds

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Latex Beds

Latex Beds

Latex Beds

My journey to latex beds – As a mattress manufacturer of over 30 years I have made all kinds of beds. I started out working in a factory that made soft sided waterbeds. What a great idea and l loved my waterbed for many years to come. It gave me support and relief from pressure since I like to sleep on my side. What I didn’t like was waking up with a wet butt in the middle of the night because the water bladder had sprung a leak.

After the water beds died out in the mid 80’s seemed the pillow top spring mattresses became the rage. Like the water beds, they offered a softer feel which the American public was screaming for. What they didn’t offer was a long term solution. The inferior quality foam used to build up the pillow top beds just didn’t hold up well over time. The mattress industry knew it but planned obsolescence was the main goal here.  Too bad latex bed foam wasn’t widely available then, it would have made a great filling material for those pillow top designs.

In the 90’s we started to see the so-called space age memory foam make its grand appearance.  The story that was never told was that this foam was rejected by NASA because it filled up the shuttle cockpit with a terrible smell and was quickly abandoned as an anti-gravity solution. Developed by NASA, yes. Used by NASA, no.

In the late 90’s we started to see latex beds become more available and although it’s durability is legendary very few manufacturers wanted to use it. Kind of ruined the whole planned obsolescence deal if you know what I mean.  But you can’t deny technology and the internet became a wonderful resource for investigating just what mattress do last the longest. The answer was obvious, latex beds.

Latex Beds Gain Popularity

Latex beds began their slow rise to popularity as more and more people starting asking to see them in the local mattress showrooms. As the pressure was put on the bigger mattress manufacturers to deliver what the public was asking for, I saw more and more latex bed designs start becoming available.

Now it is safe to say that latex beds have finally grabbed the spotlight and for good reason. In fact I’m going to give you the top 10 reasons you should seriously consider switching out your old bed for one of these eco friendly latex mattresses.

  1. Pressure Relief –  Anyone who suffers from sore hips, sore shoulders, or is just tired of waking up in the middle of the night because an arm or hip has become numb, should seriously consider a new latex bed.
  2. Back Pain Relief – Spring mattresses simply cannot give you the support you need in the middle of your back. Plus, the cheap foam that is used as filler does not hold up and flattens out leaving you with dips in your bed that only complicate the back pain and will do damage over time if you are not careful. Latex beds mold to your body and provide excellent support for your aching back.
  3. Bed Bugs – Yuck, these nasty little critters are showing up everywhere these days and hotels are being infested with them.  They migrate to your suitcase and then home with you. Now you have a bed that will become infested over time. Bed bugs are prolific breeders and cannot propagate in a latex bed due to its natural properties and its ability to circulate air. That right there is enough reason for me to buy latex beds for the whole family.
  4. Dust Mites – More damaging little creatures that thrive on eating dead skin and then breeding in your mattress. If you live in a high humidity area your mattress can more than double in weight in just 10 years from the dead bed bugs inside your mattress.  As with bed bugs, latex beds do not provide an environment that will support dust mites.
  5. Durability – Who said a mattress only lasts for 5 years? At least that’s what they want you to believe. Latex beds were very popular back in the 60’s and primarily sold in department stores like Sears, Wards, and JC Penney. Many of those beds are still being used today. I’ve seen several of them myself that had date stamps of 1966, 1968, 1972 and none of them had any sign of body impression after all those years.
  6. Eco Friendly – Latex beds are the ultimate in eco friendly design. Made from either pure latex milk from a rubber tree or mixed with the man-made latex molecules, both offer a non-toxic solution to an already chemical laden household.
  7. Allergy Free – Latex beds are allergy free due to the super heating of the cores while in the mold and then the extensive washing process. All protein residues, which can cause an allergic reaction, are completely destroyed or washed away.
  8. Great Investment – For the same price as a name brand pillow top mattress you could own a handmade latex bed from our factory that will last you for decades. Buy one and your done!
  9. Better Sleep – Latex beds will allow you to reach a state of relaxation most people only dream of, no pun intended. Because I sleep so deep and no longer wake up tossing and turning I can stay up until midnight and wake up at 6 am ready to go and feel fully rested. Latex mattresses were the original “dead bed” in that when one person moves, the other is not disturbed which also aids in getting a more restful night’s sleep. Anyone who’s had a partner that tossed and turns can relate to this.
  10. Adjustability – Latex beds come in a variety of firmness levels which is great since one size does not fit all, at least not usually. Heavier people need more support than lighter people. Our latex bed designs offer a half n half configuration where you can get your side your way and their side their way all within the same bed. I also find that side sleepers tend to like it softer while back sleepers like it firmer as a rule. Also, the flexibility of latex makes it the perfect solution for electric adjustable beds. I’ve seen many a snoring problem solved by simply elevating the head portion of an adjustable bed.
Naturalux Latex Beds

Naturalux Latex Beds

More Reasons to Buy Latex Beds

There are many more reasons I could list as to why latex beds are the best sleeping solution for you and your family but I mainly wanted to bring up the strongest points. I have raised 3 kids since birth on latex beds and for me there is just no better mattress available at any price. It’s no coincidence that my company specializes in them.

When I needed to purchase a new truck for our growing business the first stop I made was not to the dealership but rather to my mechanic. I asked him what he drove. The reason is obvious, who knows trucks better than the guy who works on them for a living? I think you get where I’m going with this. My company makes latex beds for all the reasons I listed above and until something better comes along we will continue to deliver the most bang for your buck when purchasing latex beds.

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