Bliss Adjustable Bed with Natural Latex Mattress

Bliss Adjustable Bed with Natural Latex MattressBliss Adjustable Bed: Superior design, quality craftsmanship, and innovative versatility make the Bliss Adjustable Bed the most popular adjustable bed on the market today. With the exclusive Shuteye Wired Adjustable Remote, all features, including the wave massage and sectional adjustments are easily controlled with the touch of a button. Multiple configurations allow the user to independently customize head and foot positioning to the desired comfort level for sleep and non-sleep positions and the wall-hugger feature allow you to adjust the position of your bed without changing the relative position to the space around you. Designed with maximum comfort and durability in mind, the Bliss Adjustable Bed is the obvious choice for a healthy, restful sleep.


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  1. atural latex mattresses have some noticeable positive aspects more than synthetic latex mattresses. Due to the fact synthetic latex mattresses are created from petrochemicals, they can have terrible off gassing and not be as healthful as their all-natural counterpart. The synthetic version also has the tendency to sink in and compact after time simply because it is not as naturally elastic.

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