Frisco In Love with Latex Beds

Why is Frisco in Love with Latex Beds?

Perhaps the comfort of a latex bed is enough for Frisco to fall in love with them, or maybe it’s their incredible durability. Either way, latex beds offer the absolute best return on investment you will find anywhere in the Frisco area mattress world. It’s no wonder they are rising in popularity across the entire U.S. Latex mattresses are also eco friendly, non-toxic, hypo allergenic and are also available in both all natural or can be made with Certified Organic Latex as well for the real purist.

Adjustable Latex Beds in Frisco

Adjustable Latex Beds in Frisco

Latex Beds on Sale in Frisco

The best way to purchase a latex bed in Frisco is by doing so online. Mattress showrooms have huge overhead and advertising budgets that need to get covered. It simply costs a lot of money to advertise mattresses and latex beds in Frisco and the cost is passed on to you. However, by visiting the Latex Mattress Company online showroom, you can save hundreds if not thousands on first quality, hand made, latex beds direct from our factory. We have over 13 years experience selling folks just like you located around the country our premium latex beds. Our factory direct prices blows away the local competition and puts hard earned money back in your pocket to spend at a Frisco area restaurant if you will, or get that air conditioner fixed you’ve been putting off.

How Our Latex Beds Shipped to Frisco?

Easy, our latex bed models are all roll packed for UPS shipping to your doorstep in Frisco. There are easy to follow videos on our website so you can see for yourself how simple it is. In fact it’s so easy that we don’t even send out assembly instructions! Best of all, you get a full 60 night trial period on all our latex beds excluding custom sizes. Just pay shipping charges for any returns or comfort exchanges. No restocking fees or any of that other nonsense you get from most the other companies. We want to make this as easy for someone in Frisco to buy from us as it is for a local Phoenix, AZ resident.

Many of our customers around the U.S. including Frisco have opted to first tryout one of our latex mattress toppers to get a better idea of what latex is all about. After experiencing the wonderful benefits of this product you can then come back to us and purchase the rest of the latex bed that will utilize your latex mattress pad into it’s overall construction (zippered cover). This way the risk is minimal just in case latex is not for you although that happens only once in a blue moon. The cost of the latex mattress topper is then deducted from the overall price of the latex bed and this becomes a win win scenario for consumers.

No matter how you shop, our company can deliver the most bang for the buck when purchasing a latex bed, latex mattress topper or latex pillow. When considering the expected lifespan of a latex mattress vs the cost of buying from us, you’re looking at an investment of just pennies a day. A small price to pay for the comfort latex beds bring to your home in Frisco.

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